Giveaway: 3 copies of The Joy of Less Journal!

I’m thrilled to announce that The Joy of Less Journal: Clear Your Inner Clutter is being released today—and I’m giving away 3 copies to celebrate!

Decluttering often makes you ask questions that go beyond possessions—you have to confront your past, let go of emotions or expectations, and decide what you want for your future. That’s why it feels so liberating: decluttering frees you of psychological baggage as well as physical baggage.

Sure, clearing out the inner clutter can be a little more challenging: we can’t just put our guilt or anxieties or fears out on the curb. However, we can give these little buggers the same inquisition we did our stuff, and decide once and for all to let them go.

In this journal, I help you do three things: Reduce Stress, Release Worries, and Restore Clarity. As I explain in the Introduction:

Over the course of this journal, we’ll ponder various ways to Reduce Stress. Commitments, expectations, and responsibilities pile up over the months and years, and rarely do we take the time (we don’t have any!) to purge them. The result: lots of less meaningful activities crowd out the more meaningful ones, leaving us weary and unfulfilled. Worse yet, our busyness can take a toll on our mental health, making us feel frustrated, helpless, and overwhelmed by our daily lives. As we write, we’ll strive to identify and eliminate our excess stressors and the pressures that go along with them. In so doing, we’ll regain a sense of empowerment and control over our lives, making for more-rewarding days and more-restful nights.

We’ll also write to Release Worries. (You may be surprised how powerful and life-changing this can be!) When we squirrel away negative feelings the way we do our stuff, they weigh on us and steal our joy. But now their days are numbered: one by one, we’re going to shake them out, see them for what they are, and send them on their way. When we do a clean sweep of our hearts, that old grudge, nagging guilt, or buried anger will no longer have a place to hide. Writing helps us identify our emotions in a detached, objective way—Hello, anxiety. What are you doing here?—and say good-bye to those that aren’t serving us well.

As we clear out the mental clutter, we Restore Clarity. This is the ultimate goal of our minimalist journey: to eliminate the extraneous, so as to focus on what’s truly special to us. We’ll explore various techniques to calm our muddy waters, filter out the detritus, and see what emerges from the clear and sparkling depths. We’ll contemplate what nourishes our souls and gives us a higher sense of purpose—whether it’s pursuing a passion, contributing to our community, or spending more time with our kids—and commit our time, attention, and resources to that end. The point of emptying our cups is that they stand ready to be filled with our hopes, dreams, and joy.

I’ve filled this journal with prompts and inspirational quotes designed to make your inner decluttering as effective and enjoyable as possible:

That quote in the middle (by Nathaniel Hawthorne) is one of my favorites:

She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom!

I invite you to come along this new journey with me—let’s get rid of those hangups that make us feel heavy, and bring a new lightness into our souls.

I’m giving away 3 copies of the journal to get us started. (Even if you’ve never journaled before, I encourage you to try it; I personally was amazed how transformative it can be!)

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a Comment below. If you’d like, let us know what inner clutter you’d like to get rid of.

I’ll keep the giveaway open until the end of Friday, October 28 and use the number generator at to choose the winners. Please be sure to use a legitimate email address, so that I can contact you to obtain your mailing information.

{The journal is available for purchase through Amazon, Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Book Depository, Amazon UK, Waterstones, Readings, and QBD.}

187 comments to Giveaway: 3 copies of The Joy of Less Journal!

  • Elizabeth

    I began journaling this year but I think an addition to think about decluttering as a means of freeing yourself from thoughts that hold you back is a great idea. Maybe documenting your decluttering journey and your thoughts, as you lighten up your possessions, will be very revealing.

  • Rebecca

    A timely post for me- I think it’s this time of year that begins to put me more in the frame of mind of reflection or at least reminds me of the need to reflect and face some of the inner tensions, personal baggage, negative patterns of thought, etc. Journaling is such a great tool. Thanks for reminding us of the connection between physical clutter and the emotional /mental clutter.

  • Hanah

    I really liked your book and am very interested in this journal.

  • I would love to win a journal! I would really like to make a job transition. While the job I have now helps pay the bills, I am not passionate about it at all, and the stress of it boils over into my family life. Less stress. More meaningful family time.

  • Angela

    I think getting rid of sentimental clutter is my big obstacle. I think working out my thought process through journaling would be a big help in that area.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Linda

    I am reading your book for the 2nd time. It is very inspirational.

  • N

    Looking forward to journaling!

  • Renee

    There is nothing like writing to clear my thoughts and cut through the chaos of too much going on in my head to focus. I appreciate the questions you ask to help let go of my “stuff”, look forward to see the questions that will challenge my though patterns.

  • Lila Diemer

    Downsizing and simplifying so I can focus on what really matters in life as opposed to the chaos and confusion I feel now. Want to be more relaxed and mindful of the present. Ty.

  • Rachel

    Writing has always been a cathartic experience for me. Haven’t tried it much with prompts, but I’m curious as to how that would or would not enhance the experience.

  • RJ

    Even after being retired for five years I still have the feeling that I should be working full time. I hold back from diving into projects and interests whole heartedly. I’d like to move forward instead of clinging to the past.

  • Kay Woeber

    Loved your first book and very interested in the idea of this journal.

  • Anna

    Next step to address seriously in decluttering is food choices for my family. Hoping to clear the junk out of our diet, just like we cleared the junk and excess out of our home.

  • Erika

    Really enjoyed the book and was very helpful. Loved that I received the reviewers copy. Looking forward to journaling!

  • Rebecca

    My husband is leaving me, and I have an opportunity to free myself of the many possessions we acquired during our marriage. Hoping to see it as a positive that I have to move to a smaller place and can’t take as much with me. I have sentimental attachments and really need to let go to allow space for new experiences and opportunities to enter my life.

  • Judy

    Thank you for your excellent blog and now books. I am currently retreading your first book Miss Minimalist and enjoying it all over again. My plan is to follow it up with your latest offering and the journal sounds like a great accompaniment. Putting pen to paper would surely be a powerful way to commit to change.

  • Lisa McLaurin

    I need to quiet my inner bully. I’ve cowered to her a very long time. It’s time to climb out of this pit and believe in myself again.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Carly

    Thank you for your work so far – it’s transformative! I would love, loveeee to release my anxiety. I know this stems from fear and I have a lot of fear attached to my material possessions. Fear of letting go, fear of regret, fear of judgment and maybe fear of freedom. Thanks

  • Denise

    Your book was one of the first things I read (and frequently return to)that inspired me to minimalize. I would love to have a copy of your journal. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  • It’s the guilt of getting rid of/repurposing/recycling perfectly good items that I might need. I understand the logic and rationale of it but it’s the emotional link I struggle with. Your joy of less is my go to book and where my journey started but it’s the emotional tie to items you will help me with!

  • Lisa Johnson

    Thank you for sharing your life’s experience and other’s, in reducing the
    clutter(and not just things) in life. Looking forward to journaling my journey.

  • Elie

    I’d love to have that book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • grammy goodwill

    I would love to win this journal. I need to release my guilt. It seems like every time I feel some of it lifted, my dad adds another layer. It’s an endless cycle that I would like to break before I continue it with my own children.

  • Martha Chiang-Wong

    I am reading your book and really like it, and looking forward to apply to my home clearing the unneeded stuff, Would love to have the journal to continue with inner clearing, Thank you

  • I would love to lessen sensory overload that overwhelms me but that may not be possible. Another thing I could lessen is having too many things to do – probably directly related to all the piles of “stuff” hiding on shelves and in closets. I stand there thinking of what I should do next, and with so many areas needing my attention, I get overwhelmed.

    Would love to win this journal!!

  • Cherry Clifford

    I am intrigued by the idea of taking time to journal amid the confusion of clutter in your life. Please include me.

  • Jessi

    This has been a goal of mine for some time now – to find a way to release the stress and worry. I am hopeful that this Journal may provide the guidance needed to make it a reality! Thank you so much having this giveaway!

  • Christina

    This journal would help me so much! I want to reduce stress but resetting my expectations and letting go of anxiety!

  • ML

    Really enjoying your book and its helpful tips. Thank you!

  • Louise K. Matt

    Got The Joy of Less at my public library. It was the most helpful book I have ever read. Sure would like a copy of my own and/or to share with family/friends. I could relate to so much that you wrote about.

    The most difficult items for me to get rid of are those belonging to my Mother who passed 13 years ago. I don’t think there were books written during her lifetime that could help in the process as your book does so well.


  • Jane

    Just found your website, very curious to learn more. I am a worrier and over thinker so need a good inner decluttering.

  • LKelsey

    I’d like to let go of the burden of needing to stay at a job I don’t love so my family can get by. I’d like to spend my time doing something I love–even if that means making less.

  • Marit Østdahl

    I really liker your book and sant to give journalist a try

  • Nancy Bowen

    just finished the book, Wonderful. moved into a new house 13 mo ago. whatever didn’t get unpack or opened from carton will go out. don’t need it , time to go.

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