Real Life Minimalists: Jenn

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to Jenn, whose minimalist lifestyle helps her maximize time with her little one. Jenn writes:

I’m a single mom to Beans (he’s about one and a half years old). Just about every day I am thankful I’m a minimalist; it allows me to spend just a few minutes every day cleaning up and keeping our lives organized so I can maximize my quality time spent with my son and other loved ones…

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Real Life Minimalists Update: Heather in Texas

I always love receiving an update from Heather in Texas! We heard from her in 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2016—and now she shares with us her recent experience with Hurricane Harvey. Heather writes:

Hurricane Harvey. Water damage and mold. One doesn’t even know where to start. Thankfully, handed a check but what do you buy first? What are your priorities?…

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Real Life Minimalists: Kelly

This week, we have a delightful story from Kelly. After purging their excess possessions, she and her husband found themselves open to a wonderful new possibility: parenthood! Kelly writes:

My minimalist adventure may have begun the day I first saw a picture of the Tumbleweed tiny homes. Those homes became like an adorable 3D puzzle to me. What do you really need and how can you make it all fit together?…

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Real Life Minimalists: M. C. Starbuck

Today we hear from M. C. Starbuck, a former packrat whose decluttering transformed her life. M. C. Starbuck writes:

As a packrat for so long, I thought getting rid of stuff would only lead to regret and frustration. I’m so glad to finally see that I was wrong! I began getting rid of clutter at the end of 2014, so I’m finally starting to see some of the long-term benefits…

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Unplugged Summer

Hi everyone! Many of you have reached out this summer to say hello and ask where I’ve been (you’re so sweet!). I’ve been right here, I’ve just been unplugged. Let me explain…

Remember my little Plumblossom?

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Real Life Minimalists: Pamela

This week, I’m pleased to feature Pamela, who tells us about her step by step journey to a more minimalist lifestyle. Pamela writes:

My journey to minimalism came about through a series of steps. Whenever I moved, I became more of a minimalist. It all started with my first place after university. A 400 square foot apartment filled with heavy wooden, hand me down furniture…

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Real Life Minimalists: Jennifer from Maryland

Today, Jennifer from Maryland tells us how she’s created more space, time, and peace in her life. Jennifer writes:

My journey with minimalism began a few years ago. I didn’t intend to become a minimalist. I was a wife, a mom, and a teacher who was tired of being overwhelmed and exhausted all the time…

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Real Life Minimalists: Hannah

This week, we have a wonderful contribution from Hannah, who writes about why she adopted a minimalist lifestyle and the happiness it’s brought her. Hannah writes:

When you search on google or YouTube “minimalism”, you’re bombarded with links to learn about the practices of 20-somethings who have adopted the lifestyle as the NBD. I fit into every stereotype of the 2017 minimalist…

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Real Life Minimalists: Upasna aka Comeback Minimalist

Today, Upasna aka Comeback Minimalist tells us her story. She’s at the beginning of her minimalist journey, but already experiencing the freedom of living with less. Upasna writes:

I had a tough time managing my stuff in the past so I decided to explore more about Minimalism. 2016 was bit harsh on me with limited money to spend. This is how having less money helped me learned that I can live well with less stuff…

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Real Life Minimalists: Priscilla

This week, I’m delighted to feature Priscilla. I just love how her story—and the Real Life Minimalists series in general—defies minimalist stereotypes, and shows how we can tailor the philosophy to suit our individual lifestyles. Priscilla writes:

I am not a stereotypical minimalist as portrayed in the media: I’m not young. Nor am I into austere décor, black and neutral clothing, veganism, or posting YouTube videos…

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