My First In-Person Decluttering Session!

Me in action

Me in action

I’ve been writing about decluttering for seven years now, and people often ask me if I do in-home sessions (like Marie Kondo). I never have—because even though I think it’d be great fun, sticking to writing helps me maintain a good work/life balance while raising a little one.

However, when an Amazon editor needed help with her messy desk, I couldn’t resist. I packed up the family for a trip to Seattle—and while Mr. Minimalist and Plumblossom hit the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, I went to spread The Joy of Less to the Amazon office.

As it was my first in-person decluttering session, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was genuinely worried that the whole experience would be weird and awkward. What if she didn’t like my method? What if she didn’t want me to touch her things? And worst of all, what if she wouldn’t get rid of anything?

Fortunately, Seira turned out to be a lovely person, and truly enthusiastic about tidying up her workspace. She embraced the STREAMLINE method, and was a great sport about dumping out the contents of her desk and returning only her most useful and cherished items to the space. In fact, the experience was such a pleasure that I was momentarily tempted to hang out my shingle as a professional declutterer. :)

Want to hear her side of the story? She’s written the play-by-play on Omnivoracious, the Amazon Books blog—including photos of the before, the after, and the one-month later. Surf on over, see me in action, and take a look at the transformation. And it’d be wonderful if you’d leave her a comment and tell her how fabulous her desk looks! Let’s give her the support and encouragement of our community to inspire her on her minimalist path.


9 comments to My First In-Person Decluttering Session!

  • Gaby

    I love before & after shots! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kathie

    Lovely! So happy for you. : )

  • This is great! I have my messy desk in my sights now, and I’ll give this method a go.

  • Mia

    Hope I can see more of this!

  • Helen

    I have a desk like that at the moment:(

    Interesting read although I didn’t like the way the editor kept referring to you as Jay.

    • Flynn

      She referred to Marie Kondo as Kondo. She used last names. Writer do that frequently. Except in the NYT, it would have been Ms. Jay. :) I think she still owned too much stuff in the “after” pics, I would have taken it further. But nice job.

  • Diz

    I’ve recently moved home to my own house from my ex’s clutter-infested place. I changed jobs during the 2 years I lived there and my desk at work now looks like no-one even sits there. That and my car had become my last bastions of clutter-free sanity and I find it necessary to have clear space to focus. I share an office with five guys and occasionally go a bit mad purging the whole room: the guys laugh at me but are happy to join in, recognizing that we are in danger of being overrun with old equipment lying around if we don’t tackle it regularly.

    My job is going well, even though my life had become a chaotic and stressful mess – each a reflection of my surroundings. Now I’m back home and purging further as I unpack, my life is becoming organized and stable again. I have a new partner who doesn’t accumulate or keep junk, and it is so relaxing to spend time in his home, enjoying cooking or chilling on the sofa together without my eye being drawn to a pile of junk in every corner. Clutter really can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to function in every way.

  • Tina

    My daughter keeps inviting me to her apartment for dinner. The last time I was there it was so full of junk and papers I couldn’t sit down until I cleaned. So I asked her if she had given away or thrown out anything. I fill a bag for recycling every time she gives me a ride in her car. When she lived at home, her room was messy, but nowhere near this bad. I have more to give away and we just made a trip to Goodwill and to take our plastic to be recycled. I also have more to take to the library for their next sale.

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