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What a fun and busy book launch week! Thanks for all your sweet words and congratulations on my previous post; it’s been such a pleasure sharing this experience with you.

I’d just like to do a quick roundup of The Joy of Less giveaways that are going on. They’re all ending in the next day or two, so surf on over for a chance to win!

In other news, my little book has its very own YouTube video:


And I’d also like to announce the publication of The Joy of Less in Dutch and Polish:


It’s so exciting to see all the different international covers. That Dutch one is a beauty, isn’t it? Love the single pearl on a plate. And the Polish cover is so simple and serene. I’ve started an International Bookshelf over on my book page, and will add the foreign language editions as they’re published.

I have a little press to share as well—a quote in the May issue of House Beautiful:


How wonderful to see decluttering presented as a means to a beautiful home! I truly believe that our lives flow more smoothly and gracefully in an uncluttered home, and that a serene space leads to a serene mind.

And for those who can read Dutch, here’s an interview I did with Libelle magazine.

Last but not least—I’m keeping the printables offer open for one more day! If you purchase the new edition of The Joy of Less by tomorrow (Friday April 29), fill out this form to receive a dozen decluttering tip sheets. There’s one for each room in the house, plus some quotes—a little visual inspiration for you and your family.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for all your support—and making my dream of seeing The Joy of Less in bookstores come true!


10 comments to Giveaways and More

  • Janice

    I will share your youTube clip on my Facebook page. My followers will love it!

  • Mrs Brady Old Lady

    Francine!!!! I was in Waterstone’s (in Brussels, Belgium) the other day and THEY HAD YOUR BOOK!!!!
    Thank you for adding the link to the Libelle magazine (I am Dutch so can read it) and glad you like the cover of the Dutch translation.
    I already have your book in paperback (in English of course), so perhaps I ought to get the hardback version in Dutch???

  • miss minimalist

    So exciting!!! I can’t believe The Joy of Less is actually in a Brussels bookstore!

    Yes, the Dutch version should have all the new content of the US hardcover. I’d love to know what you think of the translation. :)

  • Lori Ross

    Help. I pre-ordered the book, which I have and enjoy. I did fill out the form for the free printables but never received them. I tried again (still didn’t them).

    • miss minimalist

      Hi Lori! Thanks so much for pre-ordering–I really appreciate it! I’ve emailed you several times with the link to the printables. Perhaps my emails are ending up in your Spam folder?

  • Lori Ross

    I’ve been checking the spam folder also but no luck. I’ve attached another e-mail address since my home one doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Thank you for your help.

  • Lori Ross

    It worked! Thanks!! I love your posts and philosophy. Keep up the good work :-)

  • I just took your book out of the library — they had a new hard cover edition. I threw a lot of stuff in the recycling and found clothes my daughter was going to take but never did so they are in the weekly Goodwill bag. I keep giving things away and tossing out junk. Plus I found some unopened grooming products to give to the homeless shelter. They are still sealed.

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