Real Life Minimalists: Robbie Leonard

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Today, Robbie Leonard tells us how minimalism helped him embrace his true calling as a writer. Please visit his blog to learn more.

Robbie writes:

Robbie Leonard

Hi, I’m Robbie Leonard from Carpinteria, California currently living in the San Fernando Valley. I’m a writer determined to bring wisdom to the masses. The spirit of minimalism grasped a hold of my life a few years ago; I had an epiphany.

I started to write a book about my life experiences in high school but I strongly believed that a high-paying career pursuit was a higher priority, ignoring my calling as a writer. The desire to acquire possessions masked my search for total happiness, filling my mind with a sense of emptiness, my life’s focus becoming a blur.

My search for a simplified life landed me on the interesting term, minimalism. Further exploration brought my sights upon a gem on the Web, The Miss Minimalist Blog, inspiring the greatness within, awakening my soul to embrace my passion. The philosophy of minimalism taught me to let go, appreciate what I already have, and accept that I am a writer to the depths of my soul. The mindset filters out the chaos of the distraction-laden world, allowing me to erupt a deep-rooted passion within my heart and soul, inspiring the world through the eyes of an underdog. The sense of freedom and intense clarity to my life’s direction engulfed my soul with an inner peace.

A nuclear dosage of minimalism combined with my weakened muscles stripped me down with trials and tribulations to leave me with a mission:

To bleed on the page so the world can appreciate life’s blessings disguised as struggle and challenges, discovering creative solutions to overcome these roadblocks to teach the world valuable life lessons.

I wish you all determined souls a blessed, peaceful journey through the jungle of life!

It would be an honor if you join me on my journey of discovery at my blog Determinedsol (

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15 comments to Real Life Minimalists: Robbie Leonard

  • Minna

    Hi! Thanks for sharing! I always love to read how people have found their true love and desire. Will visit your blog soon too.

    Take care!

  • Hi Robbie! I too share the goal of writing…minimalism has helped me clear my mental clutter. Miss Minimalist has helped so many of us get started on this journey. Not only in getting rid of our stuff, but in living more fulfilling lives.

    • Hi Sandra, thats great to hear that you have a passion for writing as well! Writing is a part of my Soul and Who I Am. Thanks to minimalism & Miss Minimalist, I’m able to focus on my love for writing! I invite you to check out my blog & I’ll definitely check out your blog as well. Cheers & good luck on your minimalist journey!

  • Inspiring. Unfortunately I’m afraid many of us have made the same mistake of losing sight of our ultimate burning desires and replaced them with more “practical” goals. Our spirits suffer greatly.


    • Thanks for the comment! I agree, many people lose sight of their true passions in life. I hope more people can embrace their passions by letting go of the desire to consume and live life to the fullest without the distraction of clutter.

  • When asked what I will do with my time once I am finished minimizing all our stuff – I quickly replied, “Write books! Start my blog! It’s going to be awesome!!!”
    It’s great to hear others following that dream. Thanks for sharing!
    Miss Minimalist is also a gem in my life’s treasure box – thanks Miss Minimalist!

    • Robbie Leonard

      Thanks for the comment! I love your attitude & writing is awesome, it’s extremely challenging but I’m learning to be a better writer every day. And, yes, definitely Miss Minimalist is a gem of the blogging world! Thank you for opening my eyes, Miss Minimalist!

  • Angie Hall

    Yes, Robbie, beautifully said…uh, written. I, too, have let the pursuit of material things keep me from tapping into my true creative soul. Now, thanks to Miss Minimalist and others, I’m like: clear the clutter, open the floodgates of inspiration and creativity.

  • Robbie, thank you for sharing your story – I applaud your courage! And here’s to heeding your call as a writer. As a fellow Real Life Minimalist, I’d love to invite you to visit me over at A Wish Come Clear. :)

    • Robbie Leonard

      Thanks Caroline, I’ll definitely check out your site and I hope you enjoy my blog as well. I like the name of your blog by the way!

  • Heather

    Thanks for your story. I am very inspired and I love reading about other’s.

  • Interrobang

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I have always seen minimalism as a quest about finding one’s true calling. Good luck!

  • Tina

    minimalism frees us from clutter. I love to see the bottom of a drawer or the back of a closet. I don’t need more than one or two choices of what to wear. I can get books or movies out of the library. If I can get everything I own into 2 suitcases that would be great.

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