Minimalism of Royal Proportions

In a previous post, I confessed my love of grand, empty spaces (Minimalist Confession: I’m an Empty Space Junkie). Unfortunately, while visiting European castles over the last few months, I’ve discovered that grand spaces are rarely empty. On the contrary, they’re usually stuffed with paintings, tapestries, gold gilt decor, and enough furniture to stock a showroom. Royal families have a unique way of making a football-field sized room feel claustrophobic.

Imagine my delight, then, when I recently stepped into Vladislav Hall in Prague Castle (pictured below). I couldn’t believe my eyes: soaring ceilings, unadorned stone walls, bare floors, and enormous windows. The decor consisted of little more than some rustic chandeliers. It was my minimalist dream come true! While other visitors shuffled quickly through in search of something more “interesting,” I stood there entranced by the emptiness — imagining how it would look when I cleared out those red benches and moved in my futon and coffee table.

I just wanted to share this minimalist eye candy with you, and let you know I’ve found the cavernous space of my dreams. I may not be the wisest, wittiest, or most prolific blogger around, but you can’t say I don’t take you interesting places. ;-)


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