Minimalist Life: How Many Keys on Your Keychain?

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I’ve decided that my goal is to have as few keys on my keychain as possible. To me, the less keys on your keychain, the less responsibility you have—and the more freedom!

Interested in joining me? Here are five ways to pare down your keychain:

1. Go car-free. My husband and I have gone from two cars to one (he drives it), and our ultimate goal is to be car-free. I’d love to simply use a carshare program whenever the need for wheels arises.

2. Don’t own multiple houses. Well, duh. But seriously, a beach home or downtown pied-a-terre can be pretty tempting. Avoid the second home, and you’ll avoid a truckload of headaches and expenses. I’d rather stay in a hotel or condo than have to deal with the upkeep of a vacation home.

3. Don’t have a storage unit. If you pare down your possessions to what fits in your house, you won’t have to pay rent on a second home for your stuff. (Okay, most of you know my dirty secret, but I wouldn’t have one if I were in the same country as my stuff!)

4. Don’t own high maintenance toys. I’m talking about boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles—unless of course, they serve as your home or main source of transportation.

5. Don’t own valuables. Anything that needs to be locked away is just too much hassle, in my opinion.

So, right now I have three keys, but they’re all related to my one home: my building key, apartment key, and mailbox key. (My husband keeps the car key, and a relative in the States has the storage unit key!) How about you?

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  • Hi Miss Minimalist!

    I just found your site after doing a search on how many keys people carry. I wanted to see what others have written because I just posted a topic called “Myth: He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins”
    ( Unless you’re among the super wealthy, owning things that require a key can do some serious damage to your ability to generate wealth. I blog at

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