Real Life Minimalists: Upasna aka Comeback Minimalist

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Today, Upasna aka Comeback Minimalist tells us her story. She’s at the beginning of her minimalist journey, but already experiencing the freedom of living with less. Visit her blog to learn more.

Upasna writes:



I had a tough time managing my stuff in the past so I decided to explore more about Minimalism. 2016 was a bit harsh on me with limited money to spend. This is how having less money helped me learned that I can live well with less stuff.

While welcoming the new year, I set Minimalism as my motto to live by. I wanted to get rid of the excessive consumerism we all are gripped in.

As I was exploring more on Minimalism, I realized it’s not only about a capsule wardrobe or living out of a backpack but a lot more than this. I started jotting down the areas where Minimalism could help me simplify my life.

My research on the topic made me write my first E-book “A-Z of Minimalism”.

I wanted to explore Minimalism but the path was not clear. So, I decided to chart down the areas where I want to apply Minimalism and how to attain it. This is when this book took birth. With this I must say, I am not perfect nor I have experienced everything that comes with a Minimalist Lifestyle. I am just a beginner.

Not only stuff but I want to look into relationships with a fresh perspective and give them the meaning. I live in a joint family which makes things difficult but I am going slow.

Moreover, being a mother to a toddler poses some restrictions but I am keen to help my kid learn this life of freedom and away from excessive consumerism. I can say that a Minimalist lifestyle is possible with kids.

I once quit my MNC job to live with my family and now when I look through the eyes of a Minimalist, I mark it as the best decision of my life. I am glad that I found this simple way of living while I am yet to enter my 30s.

{If you’d like to learn more about minimalist living, please consider reading my book, The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide, or joining my email list.}

6 comments to Real Life Minimalists: Upasna aka Comeback Minimalist

  • So many times having less money makes us the richest of all!

  • Upasna, I agree that excessive consumerism has gripped our society. Good for you in raising your child in a more minimalist environment. He or she will no doubt be more content in life because of it.

  • Trollopian

    What is MNC?

    This post is frustratingly bare of info about Upasna’s path to minimalism, or concrete examples of how her life has changed, though I suppose we’re meant to click through to her blog.

  • What a lovely article and a lovely way to bring up your child. There is a real joy in having fewer belongings in exchange for having more time and making more memories x

  • Your child will be more creative if she has less toys to play with. Children invent all kinds of things.

  • Kathie

    Upasna–I’m impressed you took the time to consider and record (in advance) the ways minimalism could simplify your life. How wonderful your journey resulted in an e-book! It sounds like there will be a sequel, which will document your further growth. I’m glad you’re much happier away from your stressful techie job and now have the opportunity to make many happy memories. Cheers!

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