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Today, Kevin from Ecuador tells us how his new minimalist mindset has changed his life in so many ways. You can hear more about his experiences by following him on Twitter.

Kevin writes:


Hello. My name is Kevin. I’m 26 years old from Quito, Ecuador.

I apologize for any mistakes in my English.

I just want to thank you because since I started to read your blog really changed my life completely.

Initially to start reading your posts I was upset with me, although at first I did not know why, then I realized it was a kind of envy because I wanted a freer life without much disruption. I was tied to my stuff, my bills and the image I had bought. I was paying a supposedly perfect idea of life.

I’m not a minimalist at all, I rather consider myself someone who enjoys being minimalist. I have reduced my belongings. Many times I was obsessed with the number of things I had but then I realized that this is not necessarily the goal. Although it remains an interesting challenge, perhaps to learn a little more about yourself.

The process itself was much easier because I read experiences of many people and many blogs.

I started to realize that I was tied to many things and also kept my feelings. All this to stay in my comfort zone. Now things are different.

I started first remove the things that had for some time thought: “Sometime I’m going to use” and saw that there were clothes that I had not worn in years!

I gathered all my clothes and analyze if it’s something I really only use it if I have it or because it was a gift.

I stick with things you really need, it does the job and ensure quality that will last me a long time. Finally I learned to prioritize quality over quantity.

I analyze my belongings, the things I do and why I do it. And analyze my relationships as there were some it consumed me. Now I give more time to people who really accept who I am and enjoy a sincere friendship.

When I ordered my priorities and my consumption, my debts began to disappear. I started to have more money which still do not see it useful simply because I see no need to buy anything.

I feel that I wanted to help people and see that they have many problems in their life. Debt problems, money problems, relationship problems. And I wanted to help but I’ve noticed that people are very reluctant to change.

The single most difficult aspect for me was to change the food. It’s hard to eat healthy because my job there is only junk food. Sometime I wish you write some more about it if possible.

I leave thanking you for being part of my transformation in my habits and my new lifestyle.

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15 comments to Real Life Minimalists: Kevin

  • mrs Brady Old Lady

    Hey Kevin, your English is very good! I too struggle with healthy eating. Have you looked at Leo Babouta’s blogs? He mentions kicking habits which I find very very hard.
    Enjoy our debt-free, clutter-free life!

  • Heather

    Great story Kevin!!!

  • Diane

    Thank you for posting today (and by the way, your English is much better than some people I work with and English is their first language!). You say you’re not a minimalist but minimalism is more a philosophy than a person — you are on the right track in appreciating quality over quantity and being debt-free. If you want to eat better and save money on food, try being a vegetarian (or even vegan). The money you save on meat and dairy products will afford you better quality of fruits and vegetables and think of all the illnesses you will avoid (cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, triclyceride, etc.) Best of luck on your continuing journey!

  • denise

    Hi Kevin,

    Love your story and observations. “I feel that I wanted to help people and see that they have many problems in their life. Debt problems, money problems, relationship problems. And I wanted to help but I’ve noticed that people are very reluctant to change.” So very true!

    Thank you for sharing your story and good luck with your journey.


  • Ritu

    Hello Kevin

    You seem to be on the right path!

    Thank you for inspiring us with your honest story.

    – Ritu

  • thank you all. I am grateful for sharing my story and read your experiences. Recently I started a website about minimalism and simplicity in Spanish and I want to share all the incredible information in English with all the Spanish-speaking community.
    Please if you have an english blog or website about this kind of living please tell me. I would like to share your stories, translating them in spanish for many people in Latin America and Spain. My website is
    Contact me here:

  • Muli

    “Now I give more time to people who really accept who I am and enjoy a sincere friendship.” Couldn’t agree more! :-)

  • Susan

    Thanks for sharing your progress, it is wonderful to be debt free! I also love that feeling of having less, and focusing on quality over quantity. I also share your difficulty with food. I eat very well mostly, lots of fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts BUT I am very much addicted to caffeine and sugar. I constantly struggle with those two substances.
    Good luck on the journey!

    • Diane

      I had a problem with both caffeine and sugar and read a lot about kicking both and this is what seems to work. Replace the (I’m assuming) coffee with caffeinated green tea for about a month, then replace the caff green tea with decaff green tea and/or herbal teas. The sugar is a tough one. First, cut all fruits and anything with sugar (including bread, bagels, muffins, ketchup, etc. — you have to read labels) for about two weeks and you’ll notice the craving diminishing. Try to stay on this for a month and you won’t crave sugar anymore. As well, years ago I read about a study they did on rats where they monitored their brain waves and neuro systems. They fed half of the rats cyanide and the other half sugar and those fed sugar reacted the same way as when they were fed poison (cyanide). Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for sharing your story. With all the great progress you’ve made on the rest of your life, I’m sure you’ll be able to change your eating habits as well. If your only options at work are junk foods and you don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchne, maybe you could pack something simple to eat, perhaps nuts and fruit, a couple of times a week to start.

  • Caylen

    your English is really good. thanks for sharing your experiences and congratulations on finding a more balanced life! :)

  • Tina

    I notice your foreign contributors speak English much better than I speak French or Spanish which I took in school. I threw out a bunch of old food from my fridge today and recycled the glass jars. There is always something to get rid of. We also have another bag for Goodwill for tomorrow. I can imagine my apt with less junk.

  • Tina

    Still finding more to give away or recycle. And I didn’t have much to begin with. I never completely emptied all the closets because I would lose interest halfway through so I am going through parts of the closets at a time. There are 2 bins on the floor of my closet which I know hold flip flops, surprisingly, there were 2 reams of drawing paper in there. A windfall because I am now doing Zentangles(trademark) and the paper comes in handy. I am also giving my mom some pens for Mother’s Day because that’s what she asked for.

  • Tina

    My husband wanted to buy more sweaters. I asked him which 2 items from his closet he was willing to get rid of. He didn’t buy anything. I had given away 2 sweaters to my mom, so I bought a sweatshirt to replace an old one I had given away a few months ago. It is easy for me to buy one thing at a store and leave, not so easy for my husband.

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