Minimalist Living: 100 Things I Don’t Own

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  • jeff c

    Some of your items seem like you are just getting rid of stuff for the sake of it. While you don’t have a desk chair, etc and just use your coffee table for everything, I wonder what that will do to you over a few years. If you start having back problems and such, you are going to need more medical equipment to take care of you.

    Some of the stuff you don’t have may just create more stuff in the rest of the world, so while your stuff is reduced, the world as a whole has more stuff to deal with. For example; you said you like to go out for cappuccino, which creates a cup you have to throw away each time.

    One suggestion I would make is getting rid of your washer and dryer in favor of a single unit that both washed and dries. They are very popular in europe where space is more limited.

    Overall, I think you have done a nice job limiting your possessions. Of course one’s work is never done and you should always think about why you don’t have things, and what the impact of not having them is.

  • Great post. It got me thinking about how, sometimes our possessions are the things that own and dictate our lives. When I move into a new place, I am definitely going to remember this article and think carefully about what I really need rather than what is expected.

  • So, what do you do? You don’t play video games, board games, or card games; you don’t do any baking; you don’t decorate your home (although you’re not above freeloading joy from other people’s decorations)… I’d guess you don’t entertain friends very often without any seating, or a place for them to eat….

    I promise, this is not meant to be a troll post, it just seems that it would be very difficult to have any friends without ever contributing or opening your home. What do you do with your time?

  • Keith

    I am also going back to a “somewhat” minimalist lifestyle…There is no “need” for most things of the things that clutter my life. Seriously, how often are you going to use a trowel, if thats not your line of business, or have those “special events” where you need to use the “good china”. Its seriously a waste of space, money and time spent aquiring the latest fandangled whatchamajigit to keep up with the Jones’. Phooey on that, i’m done with it!

  • Chris

    I think this list is a bit over the top, however, I completely agree that less is more. We are controlled far too much by advertisers constantly telling us what to buy next. Our consumerism is out of balance.

    I think each person needs to be able to utter the follow sentence out loud over and over again: “I have enough.” Say it 3 times aloud. There. Doesn’t that feel better?

    Contentment is the key to happiness. Share with others and you will increase your happiness.