Minimalist Design: White Floors

Lately, I’ve been captivated by the idea of white floors.

Sure, they’re probably impractical, and a bugger to keep clean, but my goodness are they beautiful! (And I think they’d fare well in my no-shoes, no-pets household.)

Of course, I’ll be living in a rented flat for the foreseeable future, so I won’t have white floors of [...]

Minimalist Home: White Walls

It may come as no surprise that I *love* white walls (and white floors…and white textiles…and white décor…).

So I was happy to see this Apartment Therapy feature on white bedrooms. How gorgeous! I think the monochromatic color scheme gives the spaces a serene, minimalist look, even when they have a little more “stuff” in them.

They’re [...]

Inspiration: Minimalist NYC Apartment

(Photo: Apartment

Victor and Soeun V.’s New York City 518 sq. ft. studio apartment was a winner in Apartment Therapy’s “smallest coolest apartments 2007″ contest.

It’s a wonderful example of how minimalist living can make even the smallest spaces seem open, airy, and serene.

I love studying such photos to see what design and decluttering principles [...]