Real Life Minimalists: Shelley


This week, Shelley tells us that she’s naturally drawn to minimalism, and is now trying to (gently) introduce her family to the lifestyle. Shelley writes:

I’ve always had minimal tendencies and have had some challenges throughout my life to stay true to this nature. One thing I loved to do when I was young was clean out my room…

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Minimalist Wardrobe: Slow Fashion

This past summer, I saw the documentary The True Cost. It’s a heartbreaking look at how our society’s addiction to cheap clothes impacts the people who make them. Needless to say, it made my commitment to having a tiny wardrobe that much stronger.

I’ve never been one to embrace fashion to begin with; as I’ve written in the past, I love the idea of a uniform. The fact that my entire wardrobe can fit in a suitcase gives me a great deal of joy (strange but true)…

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Real Life Minimalists: Annie


Today we have an inspiring story from Annie, who gave up her McMansion lifestyle to live aboard a boat and follow her dreams. Annie writes:

“I see you smiling,” he said. That’s all he needed to say. Phillip knew why I was so happy. It was the same reason he was so dang happy. We had just completed the first passage aboard our 35’ sailboat to the Florida Keys!

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Real Life Minimalists: Marina Marshenkulova (Amara)


This week we hear from Marina Marshenkulova (Amara), who tells us how she’s downsizing her possessions (including her wardrobe) now that she’s living in India. Marina writes:

It’s time to stop envying minimalists and become one. And keep in mind that being too minimalistic and obsessed about it is another side of the coin that I would like to avoid. First of all, I signed a contract with myself…

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More to Give: The Hope Effect


Over the years I’ve often been asked, “What’s the point of minimalist living?” Why bother to be so mindful about what we own and consume? My answer: because our resources (space, energy, money, time) are limited, and we should put them to the best use possible. Minimalism is determining when you have enough, so you can do something extraordinary with the excess…

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Real Life Minimalists: Amy


Today, I’m pleased to feature Amy, who tells us how a series of moves opened her eyes to the joy and freedom of living with less. Amy writes:

I realised I was interested in the concept of minimalism a couple of years ago, whilst living in a flat in Paris which was full to the brim with things. On leaving England to move to France, although I had sold and given away a lot of my belongings…

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Real Life Minimalists: Sam

This week, Sam from Australia tells us how clearing the clutter not only lightened up her home, but also her mind and body (literally!). Sam writes:

I wanted to write to you and tell you that buying your book around 18 months ago was the beginning of my love for minimalistic ways. Although, I must say, I am by no means a minimalist! I spent 12 months going through each room of my house…

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Real Life Minimalists: Dan


Today we hear from Dan, who carved out his own minimalist oasis in the midst of a cluttered home. Dan writes:

Today, I’m a minimalist living in a family of hoarders and packrats. Everyday, I return home to boxes stacked to the ceiling, piles of unfiled paperwork, and a pantry flooded with expired items…

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Real Life Minimalists: Jordan

This week, Jordan shares a beautiful reminder that when we live simply, we’re able to focus our time and attention on what’s most precious to us. Jordan writes:

My minimalist story is one built out of the desire to celebrate every day moments with my family. My husband and I are blessed with three lovely children. The oldest and the youngest have very rare, unrelated medical conditions…

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My Minimalist Bathroom Makeover

After: minimalist bathroom with lots of space

For the last two months, my husband and I have been tearing out all the “storage” in our newly-purchased 1920s house. (Don’t worry—not original built-ins, but renovations that had been done in the 80s and 90s.)

Why? Because when you’re minimalists, you don’t have a lot to store—and all those closets, cabinets, consoles, and pantries take up precious living space!

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