The Joy of Less – A New Era

I have some exciting news to share with you today!

As many of you know, I self-published my book, The Joy of Less. Back in the day, there wasn’t a lot of mainstream interest in minimalist living, and it was the most expedient way to get my book into your hands…

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Real Life Minimalists Update: Wild Poppy

Photo by WildPoppy

Today we have an update from Wild Poppy, who was featured in this series a year ago. She explains how a recent experience hosting some friends gave her new insight into her minimalist lifestyle. Wild Poppy writes:

I enjoy my minimalist aspirations. I’m sure we all do. This however has an impact on how others view us. Take for example a recent encounter with my fridge. I had a couple of friends come to stay for a few days. Prior to their arrival we emailed and messaged and I made preparations for their visit…

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Real Life Minimalists: Sandra


This week, Sandra tells us how she pared down after the birth of her son, and found her true calling in her newfound space. Sandra writes:

Hello! My name is Sandra and I live in Spain with my partner and my five year old son. I have read all kind of stories in this Real Life Minimalists’ section so I know I am nothing out of the ordinary. I lived in a mess of stuff almost all my life, accumulating “useful crap” since my childhood…

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The Joy of One: Shoe

I feel a little guilty that last week’s One Coat challenge was so easy. It was a good warm up, though, and I hope it inspired some of you that yes, it can be done! We often discover on our minimalist journey that what might seem daunting or pointless at first can actually be quite doable and gratifying…

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The Joy of One: Coat

One Coat

When I moved from the Northeast to the Pacific Northwest, I took the opportunity to rethink my outerwear. I no longer needed my heavy winter coat (goodbye snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures!), but I did need something more waterproof (hello rain!). I wanted just One Coat that would work for fall, winter, and spring…

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Real Life Minimalists Update: Regina


Today, Regina tells us how minimalism has shaped her daily life and routine since she was featured last year. (I love hearing about the progress our Real Life Minimalists have made!) Regina writes:

So what is a minimalist life like? Is it any different from the life of one who is not? I guess the answer is yes and no. Being a minimalist does not exempt one from the ups and downs of daily life…

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The Joy of One


I have long been enamored with the concept of One.

How lovely would it be to have One coat you could wear all year? One pair of shoes that worked with every outfit? One bag that filled all your needs? One pen, One pan, One sauce pot, One spatula, One lipstick of the perfect shade.

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Real Life Minimalists: Claire


This week, I’m happy to feature Claire, who just radiates the joy of minimalism! Be sure to visit her blog to read more of her writing. Claire writes:

I think I always had a minimalist streak in me, but it took a while to come out, as I grew up in a family of buyers and hoarders! I remember the first time I realized I was a minimalist: I moved to Canada from the UK, and I took one suitcase with me…

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Real Life Minimalists: Clara

Photo by Clara

Today, Clara reminds us to deal with our clutter now, rather than making our heirs clean it up later. Simple living makes for a more serene life and legacy. Clara writes:

Two years ago, a very close friend passed away. He had no family, so it fell to me to empty his house, garage and shed. It was a monumental task. This dear person loved life, loved people, and lived life fully…

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Real Life Minimalists: Laura Beth

Laura Beth

This week, I’m pleased to feature Laura Beth, who explains how having fewer possessions brought freedom and financial stability to her life. Laura Beth writes:

Five years ago, I was a discontented divorced empty-nester, suddenly alone for the first time in decades. My life had been turned upside down, my finances were in disarray, and I was completely alone. I knew that I needed to make a change but I didn’t know how…

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