Minimalist Confession: I’m an Empty Space Junkie

(Photo: Stewart)

This week the New York Post ran an article about a couple that lives in the city’s smallest apartment. Their “microstudio” measures a wee 175 square feet—only 10 feet wide, and just under 15 feet long. The kitchen is equipped with a mini-fridge and hot plate, but the couple never cooks; they [...]

Inspiration: Minimalist NYC Apartment

(Photo: Apartment

Victor and Soeun V.’s New York City 518 sq. ft. studio apartment was a winner in Apartment Therapy’s “smallest coolest apartments 2007″ contest.

It’s a wonderful example of how minimalist living can make even the smallest spaces seem open, airy, and serene.

I love studying such photos to see what design and decluttering principles [...]