100 Essentials: One Bowl Eating, Revisited

In addition to a plate, a bowl makes my list of 100 Essentials. If circumstances allowed, I could make this my only piece of dishware (hmm, 99 Essentials?).

In fact, long, long ago, I wrote on this blog about my desire to eat all my meals from a single bowl. All of my go-to foods fit easily in this simple vessel, and I felt it would make for a more meditative, appreciative dining experience…

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100 Essentials: The Great Plate Debate

Everyone’s list of Essentials will be different—the stuff in my 35-item kitchen certainly won’t be the same as yours. But I think almost all of us would include a plate (and if you wouldn’t, do tell!).

The big question is: what kind of plate?

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The Joy of One: Pan

My husband and I have had a pretty nomadic life together, and since we were always on the move, we never invested in quality cookware. Pots and pans are heavy and awkward to transport, so we would usually pick them up randomly as needed, then donate the lot before moving on and starting over again… {Read full post…}

Simpler Food, Simpler Kitchen

Lately, for several reasons, I’ve been thinking about how to simplify things in the kitchen.

First, ever since my daughter was born, I haven’t had the time or concentration for complicated recipes. It’s getting a little easier these days—I’m no longer trying to calm a crying infant or chase after a toddler while making a meal—but I’m still interrupted, oh, once every 3 minutes or so…

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100 Possessions: Glass Plates and Bowls

After I graduated from college, I inherited a beautiful set of china from my grandmother. My fantasy self—the one who planned to throw fabulous dinner parties in her English manor house—was elated to own twelve place settings of vintage tableware. My real self, however—the one who carefully wrapped every dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, {Read full post…}

Smitten: The Cupboard-Less Kitchen

When my husband and I renovated our former home, we completely gutted the kitchen (not a frivolous endeavor, but a necessity—it was a grungy, wood-paneled, 1970s nightmare). But instead of installing kitchen cupboards in every nook and cranny, we left the overhead space bare. Practically, it worked for us, as we were fortunate enough to {Read full post…}

100 Possessions: Glass Tumblers

Once upon a time, my husband and I had a cupboard full of glasses: water glasses, juice glasses, pint glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, even whiskey glasses. Name a beverage, and we likely had a special glass for it.

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What’s in a Minimalist Kitchen?

When we sold our house and purged almost everything we had (see My Minimalist Story, Part 1: A Clean Slate), we discovered that the majority of our “stuff” came out of the kitchen. We had never realized just how many plates, pots, pans, glasses, utensils, and other cooking implements we had accumulated over the years.

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