Happy Holidays + An Update

Hi everybody! My sincere apologies for not posting over the last few months…Plumblossom stopped napping, and somehow my 7 hours of “free time” each week while she’s in preschool became filled with the errands, chores, and other to-do’s that are much easier to accomplish without a little one underfoot. But even though I haven’t had {Read full post…}

A Minimalist Mother’s Day

Fortunately, my Plumblossom is too young to shower me with knick knacks or other gifts this Mother’s Day—she’ll be sticking with some sweet smiles and little coos (all I could ask for!).

But infants aren’t the only ones who can honor their mothers in minimalist fashion; so for the rest of us, I’ve put together {Read full post…}

Minimalist Holiday: Give Hope

As we gather with friends and family this holiday week, many of us will find that despite the hardships of this economy, we are truly blessed. If you’re reading this blog, it’s pretty likely you have a roof over your head, a warm place to sleep, and plenty of food on the table.

We must {Read full post…}

Minimalist Holiday: Declutter-Gifts

For many aspiring minimalists, a certain temptation arises at this time of year. On the one hand, you have the urge to purge your household of unwanted things; and on the other, you may be expected to produce gifts for friends and family. It seems like the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one {Read full post…}

Minimalist Holiday Decor

One thing I’ve never liked about the holiday season is the proliferation of store-bought décor. Plastic trees, mass-manufactured ornaments, and objects emblazoned with Santas, elves, and reindeer are not only a drain on our planet’s resources; they’re also extra things that must be stored, unused, for eleven months of the year.

I’m certainly not against {Read full post…}

Minimalist Holiday: The Gift of Time

There’s one gift that’s more valuable than anything bought in a shop; more appreciated by its recipient than anything wrapped in pretty paper; and sure to be remembered for years to come. The best part: giving it won’t require a trip to the store, harm the environment, violate workers’ rights, contribute to the commercialization of {Read full post…}

One Less Gift – A Holiday Gift Exemption Certificate

Tired of holiday consumerism?

Give a “One Less Gift” Certificate to someone special.

Instead of exchanging presents, you’ll both have one less gift to worry about, saving time, money, and the planet’s resources.

Click here for the full-size certificate in PDF format: print it off, or email it to friends and family!

Consider these less-material {Read full post…}

Miss Minimalist’s Gift Avoidance Guide

The holiday season can be a challenging time for minimalists: with all those gifts flying around, it’s almost guaranteed that one or more unwanted presents will land in your lap. And after you’ve decluttered your house, reduced your consumption, and pared down to just the necessities, the last thing you want to deal with is {Read full post…}

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I just wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog, and sharing your knowledge and experiences in the Comments. I love the community we’re building here, and appreciate the wonderful exchange of ideas.

If you have any suggestions–like topics you’d like to see covered, or features added to the site–I’d {Read full post…}

Top Ten Gifts for a Minimalist

Ask any minimalist what they want for Christmas, and I guarantee they’ll say “nothing.” However, if you’re set on buying something anyway, I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas in keeping with their lifestyle.

(If you’re the minimalist, you may want to pass this post along to friends and family!)

So here it is—the Top {Read full post…}