Book Giveaway! The Minimalist Mom: How to Simply Parent Your Baby

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Real Life Minimalists: Greta

Today, Greta tells us the steps she’s taking to simplify her life, reduce waste, consume more mindfully, and create a calm and serene space for her family. Greta writes:

My minimalism journey started about two years ago after reading Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger. I couldn’t even finish the book, I had to do something right then! I started researching fair trade clothing and food, and realized if we were going to be able to afford these things, I’d need to stop wasting money on stuff I’d purge in a year or two…

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Real Life Minimalists: Jennifer


This week, we have such a lovely story from Jennifer, who tells us how living with less has transformed her life and brought her joy. Jennifer writes:

If we’d met five years ago, ‘minimalist’ would be the very last word you’d have used to describe me. At the time, I owned 100+ pairs of shoes and a ginormous wardrobe (my walk in closet was almost bigger than my current apartment!). I spent almost all my free time shopping, thinking about shopping, or organising my stuff…

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Real Life Minimalists Update: Rhiannon

Today, I’m happy to share an update from Rhiannon, who was originally featured as a Real Life Minimalist two years ago. Her story is a wonderful example of how minimalism can ebb and flow in our lives, and help us find balance when we need it. Rhiannon writes:

It has been so inspirational to read so many people’s updates on their journeys in minimalism. I wish I had a smoother story to tell, but the last years have been busy and full…

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Real Life Minimalists: Courtney


This week, I’m pleased to feature Courtney. She tells us how a near-tragedy inspired her to pursue a more minimalist and mindful path. Courtney writes:

Unfortunately, wisdom is earned through pain. It took an almost divorce and a car accident for me to really pull the plug on our old life. But the pain was brewing for years…

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Real Life Minimalists: Camille

Today, Camille shares her story of loss, letting go, and healing with the help of minimalism. Camille writes:

Looking back, there have always been indications that I was a minimalist. As an active kiddo, I used to make my barbies live in a tent and allow my friends to use the barbie house. In college, being an avid lover of the outdoors, I had a few big backpacking trips with a dear friend and I was always enamored that we could carry everything we needed on our backs…

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Real Life Minimalists Update: Apple

I’m so happy to receive this update from Apple, who was originally featured in June 2011. I love how her family has continued to refine their minimalist lifestyle, rejecting busyness and embracing ways to live waste-free. Apple writes:

Since my last feature on missminimalist, I have been opening up to, and braving the quietness of an even more uncomplicated and mindful life. Both myself and my husband completed our studies, changed careers. We both have professions which give us joy and meaning…

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Real Life Minimalists: Marilyn

This week, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Marilyn. I love how she was finally able to embrace the minimalism that called to her since childhood, and can now enjoy the “silence” of a simpler lifestyle. Marilyn writes:

I’ve been dedicated to minimalism since I was 12 years old and heard Thoreau read aloud in my elementary school library. That was 1952. Since then I’ve read every book I’ve come across on simplicity, simple living, downsizing, frugality, etc…

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Real Life Minimalists Update: Belle

Today, I’m happy to share an update from Belle. She tells us how her life has changed since her feature in 2014, and how she’s striving to maintain a clutter-free home with a growing family. Belle writes:

Last time I shared my story, in January 2014, I had started on my minimalist journey only a few months prior. I talked about my experience of moving, being a newlywed, and my love for thrift shopping. I’m now a few years into living a [mostly] minimalist lifestyle…

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My First In-Person Decluttering Session!

Me in action

I’ve been writing about decluttering for seven years now, and people often ask me if I do in-home sessions (like Marie Kondo). I never have—because even though I think it’d be great fun, sticking to writing helps me maintain a good work/life balance while raising a little one. However, when an Amazon editor needed help with her messy desk, I couldn’t resist. I packed up the family for a trip to Seattle… {Read full post…}