Real Life Minimalists: Amnesty

This week, I’m pleased to feature Amnesty, who tells us how she and her husband radically downsized to a hotel room. (Having lived in hotels for extended periods myself, I totally relate to the freedom this affords!). Check out more of her writing (and her workshops) on her blog. Amnesty writes:

I have always had the desire for mobility and travel. I feel that human beings have basic primal needs that can’t be met by fighting traffic, sitting in a cubicle, performing meaningless tasks and buying more stuff. So, I knew there had to be another way…

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Real Life Minimalists: Annie

Every Monday I post Real Life Minimalists, a profile of one of my readers in their own words. If you’d like to participate, click here for details.

This week, we have a wonderful story from Annie. She tells us how she went from organizing her stuff to minimizing it, and became a more conscious consumer {Read full post…}

The Joy of Less Journal Giveaway Winners

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Giveaway: 3 copies of The Joy of Less Journal!

I’m thrilled to announce that The Joy of Less Journal: Clear Your Inner Clutter is being released today—and I’m giving away 3 copies to celebrate!

Decluttering often makes you ask questions that go beyond possessions—you have to confront your past, let go of emotions or expectations, and decide what you want for your future. That’s why it feels so liberating: decluttering frees you of psychological baggage as well as physical baggage…

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Real Life Minimalists: Fawn

I’m always delighted to receive an update from Fawn, who was featured in September 2010 and January 2014. Over twenty years as a minimalist, and such an inspiration! Fawn writes:

My name is Fawn and I have been a minimalist for over twenty years. There are few life circumstances that are not improved by the practice of minimalism! As a single mother, raising my four children was far less challenging by the clear focus on what we needed to spend our money on…

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Real Life Minimalists: Jane

Today, Jane from Australia shares her minimalist journey with us, as she embraces life as a new mom. Jane writes:

Hello everybody! My name is Jane, from Sydney, Australia and I consider myself a minimalist-in-training. I grew up in what appeared to look like a display home. My mother threw everything out, including things that meant a lot to me…

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Real Life Minimalists Update: Minimal Rose

This week, I’m so happy to bring you this update from Minimal Rose, who was originally featured three years ago. I think it’s a wonderful example of the happiness that the pursuit of simplicity can bring. Minimalist Rose writes:

Here I am, living in an exquisite and historic Pacific Northwest coastal town. While I’m not quite living in the ocean front cottage I had envisioned, I’m very content…

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Real Life Minimalists: Dan

Today, Dan tells us how he practices minimalism not just with regards to possessions, but in his daily life and work routines. Dan writes:

So I’ve been a minimalist my entire life, I just wasn’t aware that minimalism was a “thing” until a couple of years back. I had always strived to remove clutter, both of items and in my writing, work and personal life…

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The Joy of Less Journal: Clear Your Inner Clutter

I often hear from readers who have decluttered and decluttered and decluttered some more. They’ve streamlined their surfaces, ditched their duplicates, and pared down to the essentials. They’re thrilled with their newfound space, but they want to know…. What’s next?

And that’s really the question, isn’t it? What’s the point of clearing out all the physical clutter?

I’ll tell you: it’s to give us the time and space and focus to clear out our INNER clutter…

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Real Life Minimalists: Tamara

This week, I’m pleased to feature Tamara. She tells us how her goal to pay off her house inspired her to simplify her life in so many ways. Tamara writes:

Hello, my name is Tamara and I started my “minimalist” movement 6 years ago with the idea to pay off my house before age 60. I started with reducing my expenses…

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