Real Life Minimalists: Claire

Today, I’m happy to feature Claire. She’s at the start of her minimalist journey, dissatisfied with her old consumer lifestyle and determined to live a life with less stuff. Claire writes:

I’m Claire, I live in the north of England and my wife and I have been downsizing since last summer. Minimalism really appealed to me, partly because I craved the simplicity but mainly because my finances had hit crisis point…

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Real Life Minimalists: Laura and Mark Tong

Laura and Mark

This week, Laura and Mark Tong share their story. They radically downsized—from three houses to a small studio!—and have found substantially more freedom and fulfillment in their new minimalist lifestyle. Laura writes:

Okay, I admit it. I am a minimalism evangelist! You know why? Because I find minimalist living allows me to breathe and to think…

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Real Life Minimalists: Marissa

Today, Marissa tells us how her new baby inspired her to reevaluate and reduce her family’s possessions. By minimizing her stuff, she’s able to maximize the time and attention she can give to her daughter. Marissa writes:

This is our path towards a more intentional life. I’ve always had some minimalist tendencies. I grew up in a suburb where our neighbors had in home saunas next to their pools…

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Real Life Minimalists: Sarah


This week we have a wonderful contribution from Sarah, whose words radiate the calm and peace that comes with a lighter lifestyle. Sarah writes:

I had a messy bedroom my entire youth. Oh sure every once in a while I would be inspired to clean up all of my crap… cramming it into drawers and my closet, only to see it all toss itself on the floor and pile itself up on every flat surface…

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Real Life Minimalists: Jennifer

Jennifer and her family

Today we have some inspiration for all aspiring-minimalist families: Jennifer shares how she’s trying to pursue a pared-down lifestyle with 13 children (11 still at home)! Jennifer writes:

The first thing I minimized in my life was digital. I started there because it seemed easy, plus I was doubtful minimizing would make THAT much of a difference to someone who’s fairly OCD about organizing. I went through all the email I get regularly…

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Real Life Minimalists: Neens Bea

Neens Bea

This week we have a lovely story from Neens Bea, who reminds us how a minimalist lifestyle leaves us free to embrace opportunities as they arise. Neens Bea writes:

In February 2012, I had to go home to Norway to clear out all the stuff I had stored in my dad and step mum’s loft – they were downsizing to a smaller house, and would no longer have room to store stuff belonging to my sister and I…

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Real Life Minimalists: Mary Milanowski


Today, Mary Milanowski from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, shares how a vacation condo inspired her to pare down her possessions and pursue a simpler lifestyle. Mary writes:

For as long as I can remember, I have always preferred a tidy home with simple décor and fewer possessions…

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Real Life Minimalists: Daisy Chain


This week, I’m happy to feature Daisy Chain. She shares with us both the inspiration behind her minimalist journey, and the steps she’s taken to simplify her life. Daisy Chain writes:

Growing up I wouldn’t have described myself as minimalist – like lots of girls I collected fancy papers, smelly soaps, postcards, cuddly toys etc. I was neat and tidy but I loved my stuff. But at some point stuff started to stress me out…

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Real Life Minimalists: Pierre


Today we hear from Pierre, who details the life changes that started him down a minimalist path, and the joy he’s found in paring down. Pierre writes:

I have been considering minimalism for a few years, but until a few years ago I got nowhere. I used to live a life of accumulation like many people and had so many things that might come in handy one day, most of which were in the loft…

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Real Life Minimalists: Elizabeth


This week, Elizabeth tells us how moving to Thailand, starting a microbusiness, and living a simple life has helped her family maximize their time together. Elizabeth writes:

Simple living was something I grew up with as a child. Our house in France had little room for stuff. Clothing and food were pricey, so whenever we bought something, we wanted it to be nice and serve a purpose…

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