The Joy of One: Handbag

Okay, everyone…are we ready to talk about One Handbag? This should be a good one.

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you before, but I’m a “bag person”—not a designer or novelty bag person, but a utilitarian one. I get excited about zippered compartments and adjustable straps and water bottle holders (be still, my heart!).

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Real Life Minimalists: Jessica

This week we hear from Jessica, who tells us how decluttering can lead to so many positive changes in life. Jessica writes:

Hi, I’m Jessica. My favorite mantra is “less is more.” I am truly a minimalist at heart. If I don’t love it or it isn’t useful, then it doesn’t deserve to take up space in my home. Hello, Thrift Store…

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The Joy of Less Book Update

In less than two weeks, the new edition of The Joy of Less will be released! I’m so excited and wanted to share some of the latest news surrounding the book. I’m putting it all in one update post—so if you’re interested, it’s all here, and if not, you won’t be inundated with multiple posts on the subject. Sound good? Okay, here we go… {Read full post…}

The Joy of One: Bath and Beauty


For the latest installment in my Joy of One series, I’d like to talk about cosmetics, bath items, personal care products, and the like. Though disposable in nature, we often don’t dispose of them—opting to buy a new color or scent or formulation before we’ve used up our old ones… {Read full post…}

Real Life Minimalists: Haley

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Haley—she and her family have embraced minimalism to embark on a yearlong RV trip. I’m looking forward to following her adventures on her blog! Haley writes:

Nearly three years ago, with our second child on the way, my husband and I finally moved out of our small condo in Atlanta and into our 2,500-square-foot house in suburbia. It was just what I had always wanted…

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A Bouquet of Decluttering Inspiration

The new edition of The Joy of Less will be published 3 weeks from today!

To thank all those who pre-order the book before April 26, I’ve created a little bouquet of decluttering inspiration: a dozen printables with tips and photos to help you STREAMLINE your life…

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Real Life Minimalists: Bethany

This week, Bethany shares a touching story about a beloved relative, and the ultimate lesson he taught her about the important things in life. Bethany writes:

In October 2015, I lost my wonderful, supportive Granda to Mesothelioma – cancer of the lung which is caused by Asbestos, which he had worked with while he was doing his engineering apprenticeship as a young man…

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Real Life Minimalists: Sarah

Today, I’m so grateful to Sarah for sharing her story with us. She describes how life circumstances took her through a period of hoarding, and how she dug her way out to lightness and freedom. Sarah writes:

My story is one of extremes. I grew up in a house filled to the brim with interesting things, books, teetering piles of items. My parents are artists and so saw beauty in some things most don’t and I can relate to that as an artist myself…

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Real Life Minimalists Update: Layla

This week we have an update from Layla, who was featured in this series two years ago. She’s been on her minimalist journey for quite some time now, and shares some wonderful advice she’s learned along the way. Layla writes:

After discovering minimalism five years ago, I expected that once I got the distractions out of the way it would simply become clear to me what was important. This turned out to be a five-year long process, and I’m still becoming who I am…

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Real Life Minimalists: Evans

Today, we have such an inspirational story from Evans! She explains beautifully how minimalism doesn’t mean living a certain way (like out of a backpack, or in a tiny house). Evans writes:

From the outside looking in you would never guess that in my heart I’m a minimalist. You would never guess that minimalism is part of my daily philosophy, part of my way of being. When I was a new mother 25 years ago…

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