Real Life Minimalists Update: Heather in Texas

This week, I’m excited to share an update from Heather in Texas, a veteran Real Life Minimalist! We heard from her in 2010, 2011, and most recently in 2013. Minimalism is an ongoing process, and it’s wonderful to see the role it continues to play in her life. Heather writes:

I am very lucky to have been chosen to appear on Ms. Minimalist’s blog several times. This update is by far my favorite. About 18 months ago, I took a huge leap of faith and change directions in multiple areas of my life…

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Real Life Minimalists: Ally

Today, Ally shares her minimalist journey with us—from childhood to present, as she prepares to get married and start a family. I love how she limits her personal possessions to a suitcase, as I do the same! Ally writes:

I have thought of writing a guest post on here for years but never got up the courage to do it until now, so if it’s a bit lengthy of a post bear with me please. :) I grew up an only child in a large home. My parents kept it very neatly organized and while they have/had a lot of items, because of the organization and cleanliness, it never really felt “cluttered”…

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Real Life Minimalists: Greg

This week, Greg shares with us the fascinating story of his minimalist journey, and how it’s led him to a place of peace, freedom, and possibility. Greg writes:

I am one of those lucky souls to whom minimalism came by accident. During the perfect storm of a backpacking adventure, a break-up, and a move, it came into my life before I even knew what it was…

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Peak Stuff

Earlier this year, Ikea’s Chief Sustainability Officer made headlines for suggesting that the West has hit “peak stuff”—in other words, many of us in developed nations have all the consumer goods we need and are losing our appetite for more… {Read full post…}

Real Life Minimalists: Craig

Today, we have a wonderful contribution from Craig, who explains how minimalism has transformed his life—helping him to become a healthier, happier, and more focused person. Craig writes:

The 21st century is an exciting and daunting time to live. We have the technology to live simpler lives than the past few decades ago. Yet that’s not the world we live in today. Instead, we work long hours and have little time for anything meaningful…

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Real Life Minimalists: Cecily

Today, we have an inspirational story from Cecily, who tells us how minimalism has given her the time, focus, and ability to pursue her dream of being a writer. Cecily writes:

Being a minimalist isn’t something new to me. It’s a habit, a part of my every day. I think about it little more than I think about eating well, or keeping the house clean, or putting clothes through the wash…

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Giveaways and More

What a fun and busy book launch week! Thanks for all your sweet words and congratulations on my previous post; it’s been such a pleasure sharing this experience with you.

I’d just like to do a quick roundup of The Joy of Less giveaways that are going on. They’re all ending in the next day or two, so surf on over for a chance to win!

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The Joy of Less Book Release Day!

Today, the new edition of The Joy of Less is being released into the world!

And thanks to you—and all your pre-orders—The Joy of Less is now available in bookstores worldwide! Thanks to you, I got to experience a moment I’ll treasure forever: I took my daughter to our beloved Powell’s Books, where she spotted The Joy of Less on the New Arrivals shelf and shouted excitedly, “There’s mommy’s book! There’s mommy’s book!”

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Real Life Minimalists: Kate

Today, I’m happy to feature Kate, who tells us how she and her family completed overhauled their lives in pursuit of their minimalist dream. So inspiring! And do check out her website, Cohesive Home—while you’re there, you can enter her giveaway to win the new hardcover edition of The Joy of Less! Kate writes:

Hi, I’m Kate! My minimalist journey began, like many others, with the birth of my first daughter…

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A4 Printables for My International Readers

A special note for my international readers: my apologies for the US-centric paper size on my pre-order printables!

I’ve made a special set just for you, scaled for A4 paper. If you’ve already received your download link, simply reply to the email and let me know you prefer A4; I’ll send you a link to the new set…

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