The Joy of Less Journal Giveaway at Cohesive Home

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that Kate and Melissa over at Cohesive Home are giving away 2 copies of The Joy of Less Journal (Clear Your Inner Clutter)!

They’ve reviewed it in their latest podcast. Have a listen, and see if you’d like to start the New Year with a little inner decluttering:

Cohesive Home Podcast, Episode 23: Un-Goal Your New Year

The podcast also includes a fabulous discussion on “un-goaling.” I love this concept! I’ve never been much of a goal-setter myself, preferring to let my life and work unfold more organically. Kate and Melissa offer a wonderful perspective on this, giving us the permission to pull back a little–focusing not so much on external measures of achievement, but rather our internal well-being.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and enter the giveaway. And as an FYI, if you’d like to purchase a copy of the journal, Amazon currently has it discounted to $8.75! (List price $14.95)

5 comments to The Joy of Less Journal Giveaway at Cohesive Home

  • Can’t imagine anything *less* like me! I love lists and goals – keeps me productive and satisfied. Just ‘letting it flow’ for me results in doing nothing, wasting time and a distinct lack of accomplishment. Everyone’s different. =)

  • Thera

    I definitely need some inner decluttering so yes please to the book!

  • Michelle A

    Have four kids and a house filled to the max. Could use some help

  • RS

    I would love this book. My thoughts for 2017 are that I need to say “no” more often to everything – no to new purchases, new commitments, activities, goals, all of it.

  • Monica

    I spend my weekends trying to clean the house, its a never ending task. Im too embarrassed to have anyone over and clean like a mad woman when my boyfriend gives me an hour notice of a visitor. Ive been all about minimalism since watching the documentary a couple weeks ago and have already gotten rid of garbage bags and boxes full of stuff!! So much more to go! I need more motivation to keeo this going! I would love and appreciate greatly winning a copy.

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