5 Days Left for Pre-Order Printables

I can’t believe the new edition of The Joy of Less will be published next week! (Where has this month gone?)

Today, I just want to post a little reminder that if you pre-order the book before next Tuesday (April 26), I’d like to give you a dozen decluttering printables to thank you for your support.

I had such fun making these! I’m a very visual person—a photograph of a beautifully-pared down closet, or a small collection of kitchen essentials, inspires me so much.

And I also love when information is summarized. There’s just so much to digest these days, that I find it very helpful to have bite-sized tips at the ready. When I’m standing in front of my wardrobe, I like to have my criteria (Does it fit? Does it flatter? Does it suit my lifestyle?) right in front of me.

That’s why I made these tip sheets—to serve as reminders and encouragement as you go about your day. You don’t have to be in “decluttering mode;” you may simply be cooking dinner, and a quick glance at the Kitchen tips may inspire you to purge that duplicate peeler you come across. Or you might skim the Bathroom sheet while brushing your teeth, and decide to scale back your beauty products.

And guess what else? They’re gentle, ever-present reminders for your family members. Instead of nagging and pleading, let these printables communicate the joy of less for you—sometimes the idea is more readily embraced when it comes from a third party! And if you can’t get your spouse or partner to read the book, these summaries are a quick, easy, and subtle way to get the info across.

As I mentioned before, your pre-orders are a powerful show of support—they’ll help get The Joy of Less into bookstores, and its message out into the world. The least I can do to thank you is offer these printables—an extra special boost for your decluttering efforts, and a visual reminder of how beautiful our lives can be with less stuff. But please know that my gratitude goes far beyond this, and I treasure each and every one of you who’ve helped me in this effort.

If you’d like to pre-order the book, it’s available online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, IndieBound, and your local independent bookstores. You can also pre-order from Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, and The Book Depository (free delivery worldwide).

And after you order, don’t forget to fill out the little form below, so I can send you a link to the printables:

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Thanks again, and lots of love! xoxoxo

6 comments to 5 Days Left for Pre-Order Printables

  • Janice

    I ordered this book and downloaded via Kindle. Does this qualify? No big deal if it doesn’t. Thanks!

  • Gaby

    Phew! Just went to get my order number for the printables and realized I hadn’t processed my order properly!! I have definitely pre-ordered now…and sent a request for the printables at my Amazon email address.

  • Gaby

    Hi Francine, I downloaded your printables to Dropbox but when I tried to print out to size A4 paper (the standard size in Australia) it didn’t fit. Are they foolscap size? or something else? or am I barking up the wrong tree all together??

    • miss minimalist

      Oh goodness, I didn’t even think about international paper sizes! Right now, they are sized for 8.5 x 11 inch paper (the standard here in the US).

      My sincere apologies for overlooking this, and I will work out a solution–I just might need the weekend to figure this out and create an international version. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention, and I will post an update as soon as they’re ready!

    • miss minimalist

      Ok, all resolved! Gaby, I sent you a link to A4-sized printables.

      If anyone else would prefer A4 size, just reply to the email you received with the link and let me know. I’ll send you the new link to the A4s.

  • Nicole from Germany

    Dear Francine,
    In some hours (here less than 1 and a half) it will be the 26th of April.
    So good luck with your book.

    The past few weeks I was thinking about ordering your book.
    But today I just decided to wait. I have the “old” edition and will wait until the German version will be published.

    So it is kind of “minimalism” :D

    I am really looking forward reading the new chapter about living with family.

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