Throwback Thursday: Just One

I’m keeping it short and sweet this week with a Throwback Thursday photo from my childhood:

Little Miss Minimalist says "Just One!"

Little Miss Minimalist says “Just One!”

See, even as a toddler I loved the concept of One. :)

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading and enjoying all your Comments on my One Coat and One Shoe, and really appreciate your insights and suggestions. The feedback and discussion has been fascinating. I feel so lucky to have a great community with which to share ideas, as it’s not exactly a topic I can bring up at a dinner party or preschool play date. (Can you imagine opening a conversation with “Hey, I’m going to wear these same shoes every day for the next year…”?) Ha! So thank you for lending an ear and being my minimalist friends.

Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with this series, and will be sharing some new Joy of One challenges with you in the upcoming weeks!


10 comments to Throwback Thursday: Just One

  • Kurkela

    As a mother of three I’d say the text under the picture should read like this:
    Little Minimalist says “Give me that one too” :)

  • Sandy

    I just love the concept of one, and it’s so great to hear/read your voice again on your website. You always make me think! I’m down to 4 pairs of shoes myself and have lived with 3. Very freeing! Cute picture, too! : )

  • Kimberlie Ott

    I love reading your blog. Someone once told me that if I would rotate my shoes, every other day……then each pair would last twice as long. The thought was that you let the shoe dry out completely from the long wearing day, (I have always had active, on my feet jobs) then they would be ready for another wear without the sweat destroying the shoe and leather. I have found this to be true, so two seems to work better for me, but I am amazed you can do it with one!

  • Tabitha

    Thank you for writing this blog! I love it. Several years ago when I started learning about minimalism yours was the first I read. I love it and I love your style of writing and your view point!

  • Hello Miss Minimalist, if you the Just One person, I am Just Two person. I can’t get enough of Just One. Previously I have only 1 bootcut a bit flair grey jeans of 13yrs old for 3 years after I ditched the others, but last Nov I add 1 more straighter (bootcut) model, dark blue. OK, I have 4 shoes (2 flats, 1 formal high heels, 1 running shoes). Usually I wear almost every time only one (flats) till broken. But after my (dearly expensive) Clarks looks not very nice, I use Waka (1/4 price of my Clarks), but I can’t get rid of my Clarks – sometimes I still wear & will recondition/treatment the leather soon. That’s my confession. Cheers for everyone.

  • Rose Campion

    Well, I can’t go down to one coat and I don’t want to have just one pair of shoes, but after some consideration, I did get rid of my backup teapot. I am now down to one teapot. I also have on pair of jeans but that doesn’t really count in my mind because I almost never wear jeans. I’d love to see if there were other things I could have just one of, so looking forward to your challenges.

  • What a cutie! Nice to see not much has changed!

  • Carol

    I am confused by Just One – shoes, coat (well, maybe this is ok), and especially clothes.
    In my life, I need to wash clothes – so how does this happen with very few clothes? Do you wash them all at once? Or wash very frequently? And if the one pair of shoes is wet, do vyou wear them wet? For myself – an avid vegetable and fruit grower (so needing old clothes and shoes),? but also someone who travels occasionally in professional circles – I am trying to think about Just Two! That’s two pairs of old jeans, two pairs of good jeans, etc. That way, I don’t have to stress about washing things all the time – and two would still be an improvement for me!

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