Real Life Minimalists: Aly

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Today we hear from Aly, who’s embarking on her minimalist journey together with her mother. Follow the duo’s progress on their blog,

Aly writes:

My mother and I have always struggled to find balance in our lives. We wondered where the extra money vanished to, why we were always so disorganized, and what we could do to reverse the never ending cycle of having too much but never having enough. While she is self-employed and I work for a local software company, we each felt the daily struggles of finding our own way.

One day I stumbled across minimalism. It took me by surprise actually. The fact that so many people were finding such happiness in only the barest essentials had me intrigued. I fell in love. I Googled and searched, read and watched. Every nook and cranny I could find about minimalism I devoured. I forwarded this information over to my mother. Within a few days my mother and I had decided we wanted to change.

Each of us began to dive into our homes and declutter. While I was in my home, my mother was in hers, each of us removing the unnecessary from our lives. Slowly we have been emptying the unnecessary from our homes and filling our lives with more love and joy.

Although it is still an ongoing task, just knowing there’s someone so close to me going through the same process is great. We are able to talk to one another and help each other out, but at the end of the day we each need to find our own way to happiness. Together we decided to chart our journeys and discoveries, and we created Every week we each make our own strides and blog about our challenges, discoveries, and successes.

My mother and I are already very close, but this development has been bringing us even closer. This has not only been the start of a journey for us, but also a discovery. We are discovering who we really are and what we truly want from life. Together we will succeed, but individually we will blossom. Who we will become is still yet to be discovered, but every day I’m more excited to meet that person.

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