Winner of the CNN Book Giveaway

Many thanks for all the great feedback, and to all those who chimed in, on the article “Living happily with less!” It was a wonderful opportunity to let the world know that minimalism is a valid and fulfilling (can I say amazing?) lifestyle choice.

The winner of the giveaway (chosen via the random number generator at is Carol S, who wrote the following Comment:

I can’t agree more with this article.  A few years ago my husband and I started downsizing out of necessity.  We were self employed, the economy was starting to crumble and we couldn’t live in the large home we had.  I remember people used to come over and comment and say “Wow, you have so much stuff”.  I really didn’t think we did at the time, looking back now I can’t imagine how much time and effort it took to acquire so many things.  We now live in a modest house and don’t have clutter, in fact, I dread clutter and constantly look at items to determine, do I need that, want that, etc.  Until you go through something like this I don’t feel people realize – stuff weighs you down.  You have to pay more to insure it, worry about it, find room for it, buy houses with rooms devoted to just your stuff.  Your stuff controls you.  I finally feel free.

Congratulations to Carol, and thanks again to all those who participated; you’re the best group of readers a blogger could ask for!

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4 comments to Winner of the CNN Book Giveaway

  • Quinn

    Yay, Carol! Congratulations. :)

    Some of the comments on that article were ridiculous and missed the point entirely. Kudos to you, Miss Minimalist, for putting up with it.

  • Kudos and congratulations to Carol. I completely related to her statement. I lived in a large colonial and managed to accumulate an incredible amount of unnecessary stuff. Health and financial circumstances led us to a smaller home and less complicated life. I feel a sense of relief and joy everyday.

  • Eve

    Congratulations Carol.
    I thought your post was very good.

  • Tina

    I have never had very much stuff. Now I have even less. Giving away a big bagful or two every week to Goodwill or giving a pile of books or DVD’s to the library means less furniture. I still recycle a bag or two of papers and plastic every week. When I read shelter magazines the rooms look overdone. My small living room looks very spacious because the only tchotchkes are corralled in one place. There is still work to be done because there are things here that don’t belong to us, but eventually they will go, too.

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