Winner of The Huffington Post Book Giveaway

First of all–many, many thanks to everyone who commented on my first Huffington Post piece! I’m thrilled to have such a huge, mainstream platform for our minimalist philosophy. :)

I’m just one voice, which a first-time reader may write off as eccentric or odd; but with all of you chiming in with your thoughts and support of a simpler lifestyle, I think we have a much greater chance of inspiring some hearts and minds. I want others to know there’s a whole community of us who love living with less; and that although it may feel like going against the grain, there’s a big support network here!

So onto the news you’re waiting for… The winner of the giveaway (chosen via the random number generator at is bayoulife, who wrote the following Comment:

Excellent and to the point post. I was just needing a pep talk like this to remind me to keep focus on inner joys (saving for travel, saving for my dream home (houseboat)) and not the fleeting whims of spending on something that I proably won’t care about in a few months anyway. Thanks!

Congrats to bayoulife, and thanks again to all who entered. I think this giveaway was a big success, and plan to do more with my future Huffington Post articles!

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