Casulo: All Your Furniture in One Box

cslo3-m-150(Photo: Casulo)

Casulo is a minimalist’s (or frequent mover’s) dream!

It houses an entire apartment’s worth of furniture in one small box: an armoire, a desk, a height adjustable stool, two more stools, a bookcase, and a bed with mattress.

The furniture can be assembled (or disassembled, when it’s time to move) in minutes; and the best part–no tools are necessary!

It’s a fabulous concept for the student, urban dweller, or single professional.Even if it doesn’t fit your current lifestyle, the Casulo concept can inspire you to think about what’s truly necessary when it comes to furniture. It shows how just a handful of pieces can suffice to meet everyday needs.

Keep this in mind as you take an objective look around your house: are your current furnishings more than enough? And if so, how can you pare them down to maximize both efficiency and space?

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